Pool Parties


Pool Rental arrangements may be made by contacting the Memorial Forest Club Manager Stobie Whitmore at 713-299-3414.


  • The swimming pool is available for rental only during pool season (May – September). Reservations for parties for less than 15 people held during normal pool hours must be made with the Club Manager.
  •  Rental of swimming pool is available to members only.
  • Members renting swimming pool must be in attendance for the entire party.
  • Parties of 15 to 25 people (including non-swimming guests and/or parents) may be scheduled during regular pool hours. These parties may require hiring one additional lifeguard at $20.00 per hour (payment to Sweetwater). The Club Manager must be called at least a week in advance for reservations.
  • Parties of more than 25 persons must be a private party during non-pool hours (Monday or prior opening or after closing ) and require lifeguards: one (1) lifeguard for parties of 25 or fewer people, two (2) lifeguards for parties of 26 to 49 people, and three (3) lifeguards for parties of 50 to 75 people. Each additional lifeguard is $20.00 per hour (payment to Sweetwater). The Club Manager must be called at least week in advance for reservations.
  • All parties during pool hours are limited to two (2) hours (three (3) hours on Mondays when the pool is closed). Parties may not overlap.

Non-Swimming Guests When planning your party, keep these rules in mind:

  • When a MFC member rents the pool area for a swim party, the member should explain the club’s pool rules to guests prior to the beginning of the party.
  • Babies in strollers require one adult in constant attendance. Toddlers also require one adult in constant attendance. Therefore, when making your party arrangements, if you will be inviting guests with several children, reserve the time of day when baby sitters are available.
  •  The lifeguard has the responsibility of guarding the pool and pool perimeter only. He or she is not able to watch specific non-swimming children. The lifeguard has the authority to exclude a child who cannot swim from the diving and lap pools. The child may then swim in the baby pool or stay out of the water. If this is explained in advance, misunderstandings may be prevented.
  • Floaties, rings, life jackets, etc. are not acceptable substitutes for adult supervision. Non-swimming children may not participate in activities that involve the slide and diving board.


Decorations may not be put in place more than one (1) hour prior to the beginning of the party, and must be removed within one (1) hour after the party. Items not easily cleaned up, such as confetti, gum, or taffy, should not be used.


Absolutely NO GLASS items of any kind may be brought into pool area, i.e. glass bottles, dishes, vases, and favors. The refrigerator/freezers in the snack bar of the kitchen of the Clubhouse may not be used to store additional items such as ice cream or ice.

Please do not ask snack bar employees to make an exception. They are required to report all requests to the Club Manager.  All party trash including plates, cups, forks, tablecloths, balloons, streamers, decorations, and food must be completely picked up and placed in plastic bags, securely tied and carried to the trash area near the Plantation entrance with the gate securely closed. The lifeguards, snack bar, and gate employees of MFC are not responsible for cleaning up after parties or removing garbage.