The maximum membership capacity of  Memorial Forest Club is 525 families. A waiting list is maintained should there be interest beyond capacity. Applications for MFC membership should be completed in full, including a check for the $25 application fee and returned to the Membership Director. All membership application documents must be completed in full.  A member applicant must be sponsored by an existing member in good standing and that members name and phone number must be included on the application.

Member Fees and Dues

The cost of a Memorial Forest Club membership includes a $25 application fee, a $2200 initiation fee, and a non-refundable administrative fee of $450 plus tax, as well as annual dues. Annual club dues are currently $500 including tax. Administrative fees and dues are subject to tax. Dues are payable by February 28th of each year. Late fees are assessed at $25 per month on dues received after March 1st.

As provided in the club bylaws, the board reserves the right to rescind a Memorial Forest Club membership if dues and any applicable late fees are not paid in full by June 1.