Application Process

Please complete the application and return it to the Membership Director. The Membership Director will send a written invitation to accept membership.  Membership is accepted by remitting all fees prior to the deadline set forth in the invitation.

Membership Criteria

Memorial Forest Club membership boundaries* include the neighborhoods of Bunker Hill Village, Bunker Hill Woods, Bunker Hill Gardens, Bunker Hill Plaza, Erin Glen, Long Meadow, Whispering Oaks, Naughton, Frostwood, Memorial Forest, Colony West, Memorial Woods, Tealwood, Warrenton, and Memorial Hollow neighborhoods; Memorial Pines Section 1 and Section 2, Rainhollow Plaza, Riedel Estates, Lakeview and Winding Brook.  *An Amendment to the Bylaws was passed on January 22, 2017 which states:  For the calendar years 2017, 2018, and 2019, the restrictions on ownership and residence shall not apply to new members only individuals and families may be members.  

Members who move out of the club boundaries may retain their membership only if fewer than twenty (20) other members listed as “out of area” are on the membership roster.  It is the responsibility of the members to provide written notification of address changes to the Membership Director.  An amendment to the bylaws was passed on January 22, 2017 which states:  This restriction shall not apply to new members admitted in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Members in good standing (those who are current on all dues and applicable fees) who own a home within the club boundaries, may sell their membership to the purchaser of their home for a negotiated price. The purchaser is responsible for the non-refundable administrative fee.  Only those homeowners owning within the boundaries prior to January 22, 2017 may transfer their membership to a buyer of their home.  Buyers must meet all requirements.  See Section 2 of Bylaws. 

Members may sell their memberships back to the Club for the current membership value of $2200. Memberships may not be sold on the open market. Contact the Membership Director for any requirements related to the sale of a membership.

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This is intended to be a helpful summary of the MFC membership process, not a complete statement of the Memorial Forest Club’s membership policies. The Memorial Forest Club bylaws and/or the policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Directors, supersede the information presented herein.
For questions regarding membership, please email the Membership Director.