Pool Policies and Rules
  • Members and Accompanied Guests must check-in at front gate.
  • Swimmers under 10 must be accompanied by a family member older than 13.
  • Members under 13 cannot bring guests without adult supervision.
  • NO RUNNING or rough-housing.
  • No eating in the pool.
  • NO GLASS containers in pool area.
  • The lifeguards and club manager may prohibit any unsafe or disruptive behavior. The manager reserves the right to expel repeat offenders from the pool.
  • Appropriate swim attire. NO athletic gear, including tennis shorts or sports bras in pool.
  • Please rinse off if coming from an athletic court.
  • No food from the concession stands on the pickleball or tennis courts.


Weather Policy

All facility patrons (not to include Aura staff nor Club management) must evacuate the pool area, which is anywhere inside the pool gates but does not include indoor clubhouse space, if clubhouse is open, (Clubhouse is open if the glass pool door or tennis side doors are unlocked, it is not open by going through the concession area) in the event of one of the following occurrences:

  • At the sound of thunder
  • At the sight of lightning
  • At the detection of lightning within 8 miles or less of the facility location via the spark lightning tool on the “WeatherBug” application (Bunker Hill Village, Texas | Spark Map and Alerts | WeatherBug | WeatherBug)
  • The duration of the evacuation remains constant regardless of which occurrence takes place.
  • All patrons will remain out of the above defined pool area for a minimum of 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder, sight/detection of lightning or WeatherBug app.


Guest Policy

4 non-member guests allowed at pool per family membership. (Exception to number of guests are made for situations, such as, if you have invited another family with you that has more than 4 immediate members in their family, e.g., mom, dad, son, son, daughter and daughter.)


If you are organizing with other members to bring 4 non-members each, please organize a pool party rental. This allows the club to make sure there will be enough lifeguards on duty for the safety of all members.


Pool Parties

  • The swimming pool is available for rental only during pool season, which is mid-May to Labor Day.
  • All parties during pool hours are limited to two (2) hours when the pool is closed. Parties may not overlap, and all non-members must vacate the club immediately after the party. Party must be concluded thirty (30) minutes before pool opens.
  • Typical private swim parties are Sunday morning, Monday morning or Monday afternoon.
  • Parties of more than 15 persons must be a private party during non-pool hours (prior to opening or after closing, and some Mondays available) and require lifeguards: one (1) lifeguard for parties of 25 or fewer people, two (2) lifeguards for parties of 26 to 49 people, and four (4) lifeguards for parties of 50 to 75 people and five (5) lifeguards for parties 75 to 100 people.  Reservations for the pool party must go through the Rentals Director and Club Manager. Maximum of 100 people per party. Parties over 50 require board and lifeguard approval.
  • Rental of the swimming pool is available to members only. Members renting the swimming pool or a portion of the swimming area must be in attendance for the entire party.
  • Rental Rate: $300 plus the cost of lifeguards, which is $35 per lifeguard.

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