Clubhouse Rental

Rental of The Memorial Forest Club’s clubhouse is a benefit for our members and is not available to the general public. The clubhouse is suitable for events hosting up to 150 people.

Activities and rentals range from civic club meetings to social events. The climate controlled clubhouse contains a kitchenette, men’s and women’s restrooms, tables, chairs, WiFi and television, which is Bluetooth enabled to allow for presentations.

For more rental information, please email the Rental Director. The management of rentals is a volunteer position. We work our best to respond to you within 48 hours of your request during Monday - Friday. If you have not heard back within 72 hours, please reach out again. Email is the preferred inquiry method.

Pool Parties

  • The swimming pool is available for rental only during pool season (May – September).
  • Rental of swimming pool is available to members only.
  • Members renting the swimming pool or a portion of the swimming area must be in attendance for the entire party.
  • Parties of more than 15 persons must be a private party during non-pool hours (prior to opening or after closing, and some Mondays available) and require lifeguards: one (1) lifeguard for parties of 25 or fewer people, two (2) lifeguards for parties of 26 to 49 people, and three (3) lifeguards for parties of 50 to 75 people. Each additional lifeguard is $25.00 per hour (payment to MFC). Reservations for the pool party must go through the Rentals Director and Club Manager. Rental rate of $250 to book the reservation, plus lifeguard fees.
  • All parties during pool hours are limited to two hours when the pool is closed. Parties may not overlap, and all non-members must vacate the club immediately after the party.

Rental Rates


Memorial Forest Club is excited to announce new rental rates and rental options for 2023.

2023 Rental Rates:

  • Youth Non-Profit: $25
  • Adult Non-Profit: $65
  • Luncheon Rate: $200
  • Youth Non-Profit Fundraising: $200
  • Weekend Day Event: $250
  • Adult Non-Profit Fundraising: $250
  • Pool Rental Rate: $250 plus the cost of lifeguards
  • Standard Event Rate: $450

Determination of rate is left to the discretion of the Rental Director and board of Memorial Forest Club.

Inquiries for rentals? Email

Know your date? Complete the Google Form MFC Rental Request 2023

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Members should obtain permission from the Club Manager before making any arrangements to rent or to contribute any club facilities as auction items.